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Taming COVID-19 requires urgent search for both vaccine and treatment
Published May 28, 2020
Johns Hopkins lecturer Bonnie Robeson, who led drug discovery and development during AIDS epidemic, shares why scientists should prioritize finding a suitable therapy for COVID-19 as well as a vaccine
Nurses leading global COVID-19 response
Published May 13, 2020
Patricia Davidson discusses how the pandemic is highlighting work that nurses do during crisis situations and beyond
How COVID-19 affects adolescents
Published May 11, 2020
Faculty experts from the Johns Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health discuss the challenges faced by adolescents during the coronavirus pandemic
Disinformation during a pandemic
Published May 8, 2020
Thomas Rid, SAIS faculty expert on cybersecurity and disinformation, discusses the efforts by foreign countries to influence the public's understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic
The long road to herd immunity
Published April 30, 2020
Achieving herd protection can stop the spread of an infectious disease within a population, but as Bloomberg School experts explain, the U.S. is nowhere near that point with SARS-CoV-2, and getting there could prove difficult
The high value of the performing arts during social distancing
Published April 29, 2020
"Music is there even when we can't leave our houses," says Peabody Dean Fred Bronstein. "And it's more important than ever."
Understanding changing guidance on mask use
Published April 24, 2020
Kirsten Koehler and Ana Rule, faculty experts from the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, answer questions on the use of masks, gloves, and PPE
COVID-19's economic impact, in the U.S. and abroad
Published April 16, 2020
As the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak shifts from Italy to the U.S., SAIS Europe's Filippo Taddei discusses the economic fallout Americans should brace for
Coronavirus vaccine won't emerge overnight
Published April 16, 2020
Supriya Munshaw, an expert in the commercialization of early-stage technologies at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, discusses the process of developing a vaccine for COVID-19
COVID-19 and a splintered European Union
Published April 10, 2020
SAIS expert Matthias Matthijs discusses the difficult road ahead for EU countries, where vastly different outbreak burdens have led to vastly different responses