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Prescription drugs

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Medicare drug price negotiations
Published Aug 31, 2023
Medicare beneficiaries will get transparent drug prices for the first time in history, explains Johns Hopkins expert Mariana Socal
Policy briefing
Prescription drug shortages force tough treatment decisions
Published June 5, 2023
Hopkins experts discuss current shortages in chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, and other critical medicines—and how to overcome them
Public health
Documents highlight role of pharmacies in driving opioid epidemic
Published Oct 14, 2022
The latest documents added to the Opioid Industry Documents Archive illustrate the repeated failure of retail pharmacies to heed warning signs and safety guidelines
Opioid epidemic
Documents show McKinsey's role in fueling opioid crisis
Published June 30, 2022
Consulting firm's work with pharmaceutical companies to help increase sales detailed in UCSF-JHU opioid documents archive
A spring cleaning remedy for nationwide opioid epidemic
Published April 23, 2021
Drug safety experts discuss safe disposal efforts like National Prescription Drug Take Back Day that remove potentially dangerous and addictive medicines from circulation
Strategies for shoring up U.S. drug supplies
Published May 12, 2020
Epidemiologist Caleb Alexander co-authors paper urging government officials, pharmaceutical stakeholders to take steps to protect U.S. drug supply chain
Bloomberg invests $50M to address opioid epidemic
Published Nov 30, 2018
New CDC figures show recent decline in U.S. life expectancy tied to record number of drug and opioid overdose deaths
Pain management
Reducing post-op opioid prescriptions
Published Aug 15, 2018
Experts and patients create procedure-specific Rx guidelines that range from prescribing zero opioids to up to 20 pills
How insurance policies fuel opioid epidemic
Published June 22, 2018
Policies miss important opportunities to steer patients to safer, more effective treatments, researchers say
Bill Clinton urges swift action on opioids
Published Oct 30, 2017
Former president visits Bloomberg school for discussion of the drug epidemic and the public health response