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A message from President Daniels
Published Fall 2018
"At a moment when democracy again must be born anew, it is more important than ever that we all use the vital skills and tools that sustain democracy," writes Hopkins President Ronald J. Daniels / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Foreign Affairs Symposium
Four takeaways from Samantha Power's talk
Published Sept 21, 2018
Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. discusses current political climate, addresses issue raised by student protesters
Hot or not: U.S. presidents edition
Published Sept 21, 2018
SAIS alum J.D. Dobson and his wife, Kate, co-author an entertaining journey through U.S. political history
Defense policy
Mattis outlines bold new strategy at SAIS
Published Sept 21, 2018
Secretary of Defense's strategy focuses on diplomacy, strengthening alliances, and securing a long-term budget from Congress
The most indecent of times
Published Sept 21, 2018
We have arrived at 'a moment defined by a struggle to define the national character,' philosophy faculty member writes
MSE Symposium
4 takeaways from John Kasich's talk
Published Sept 21, 2018 Video
Former GOP presidential candidate focuses on mental health, kindness, and faith
MSE Symposium
A country divided by fake news
Published Sept 21, 2018
MSNBC political analyst Joy-Ann Reid discusses the polarized media landscape and how we got here
'We get you answers you need'
Published Sept 21, 2018
Longtime White House correspondent April Ryan tells JHU audience what it's like to cover Trump administration
Flight of the working class
Published Sept 21, 2018
Study: Shift away from Democratic Party affiliation among blue-collar voters set stage for Trump's victory
Global (in)security
Published Sept 21, 2018
Course on global security politics examines issues relating to weapons of mass destruction and oppression