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SNF Agora Institute organizes bipartisan condemnation of political violence
Published July 15, 2024
Signatories also demand less violent rhetoric before election
Election 2024
Thursday's U.S. presidential debate: Unprecedented and unpredictable
Published June 26, 2024
Panelists from the JHU's SNF Agora Institute offer insights into the first-ever debate between an incumbent president and a former president
An up-close look at pro-democracy conservatives
Published April 1, 2024
In contrast to those who reject the results of the 2020 election, nearly a third of Republicans accept the results, trust institutions, and appreciate diverse political perspectives
Birds aren't real*
Published Feb 7, 2024
How a nonsensical protest sign sparked a movement that shed light on how conspiracies grow and spread
The Governor Wes Moore
Published Winter 2023
One year into his governorship, Johns Hopkins Magazine sat down with Moore to talk about a life of service / Johns Hopkins Magazine
New conservative principles for building trust in elections
Published Nov 8, 2023
Principles released with new Gallup poll that shows wide partisan gaps in electoral confidence
Report: Political violence imperils U.S. democracy
Published Nov 7, 2023
Experts from around the globe express concern for the future of U.S. electoral processes
Changing hearts, minds, and stomachs
Published Spring 2023
SAIS alumni Téa Ivanovic and Peter Schechter founded Immigrant Food to defend the vision of America as an immigrant nation / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Midterm elections analysis with a Hopkins expert
Published Nov 9, 2022
The American political landscape is unsettled after Election Day, with several major races still undecided. Which party had a better night? Political scientist Daniel Schlozman breaks down the midterm winners and losers
White supremacy, political violence, and firearms
Published Nov 3, 2022
Policy experts, including U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin, convene to discuss armed intimidation in the political process as Americans go to the polls for midterms