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Hanna Pickard, an expert in moral psychology, named 45th BDP
Published July 10, 2019
Her research centers on the nature of mental disorders and how society ought to respond to maladaptive behaviors like crime and addiction
New BDP explores intersection of philosophy, brain science
Published July 8, 2019
Ian Phillips, the university's 44th Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, examines questions of the nature of perception, as well as the scientific study of consciousness and temporal experience
Graduate studies
Alternative career paths for PhD students
Published April 19, 2019
Philosophy PhD graduates discuss how they built successful careers outside of academia
Strengthening the core
Published Winter 2018
Besides its staggering success in raising more than $6 billion for Johns Hopkins, the Rising to the Challenge campaign generated unprecedented support for traditional core disciplines / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Investor Bill Miller commits $75M to Philosophy Department
Published Jan 16, 2018
Gift from renowned investor believed to be by far the largest ever to any university philosophy program
The most indecent of times
Published Nov 20, 2017
We have arrived at 'a moment defined by a struggle to define the national character,' philosophy faculty member writes
Truth and consequences
Published Nov 16, 2017
Richard Bett, chair of the philosophy department, says we could learn from the skeptics of ancient Greece
JHU gets $150M for effort to improve civic discourse
Published June 22, 2017
Gift from Stavros Niarchos Foundation establishes Agora Institute, which aims to foster discussion of divisive issues
Lens crafters
Published Summer 2015
Eye of the Beholder acts like a meditation on sight and reads like an entertaining historical drama / Johns Hopkins Magazine