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peter pronovost

Interdisciplinary idea
The business of medicine
Published Sept 23, 2017
Schools should teach med students business management skills so they can effectively lead complex health care enterprises, Hopkins experts say
Health care
Value in collaboration
Published Sept 23, 2017
JHU's Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare symposium brings together experts in biomedical engineering, computer science, health care
Health IT
Smart medicine
Published Sept 23, 2017
Hopkins Medicine, Microsoft partner to connect medical devices (and the data they generate) in effort to reduce preventable harm
Patient safety
Early warning signs
Published Sept 23, 2017
Computer algorithm could help speed detection of sepsis, which kills an estimated 200,000 in U.S. each year
CDC taps Hopkins Medicine to create Ebola training tool
Published Sept 23, 2017 Video
Program will offer guidance on proper donning and safe removal of protective gear, patient monitoring
Rethinking how we die
Published Sept 23, 2017
Johns Hopkins quality of care expert Peter Pronovost discusses end-of-life care, costs / The Wall Street Journal
Science of patient safety
Published Sept 23, 2017
Experts from schools of nursing, medicine to lead Coursera course / School of Nursing
Nathans, Pronovost named Gilman Scholars
Published Sept 23, 2017 Video
They join 17 recognized last year for contributions to scholarship, research in sciences, humanities
Pursuing patient safety
Published Sept 23, 2017
Gift from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation part of effort to eliminate preventable harms in hospitals / Johns Hopkins Medicine