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Personal essay

Why do chilies hurt so good?
Published Spring 2023
What happens to your body when you eat a hot chili? And why do some of us love the pain? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A period piece
Published Summer 2020
Lizzie Skurnick, A&S '99, is not a purist nor a stickler. But you'd be hard pressed to find her watching a film adaptation of one of the YA novels she loved as a child. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Persistence of vision
Published Spring 2018
Alum Tim Kreider, an essayist and cartoonist, explores the dissonance between perception and memory / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A screenwriter's tale
Published Fall 2016
John Barth: A tribute
Teacher, teacher
Published Spring 2015
The list of writers guided by John Barth is long and distinguished. One pays tribute. / Johns Hopkins Magazine