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Let's talk about childhood injury prevention
Published April 16, 2024
By simply talking to parents about preventing injuries, pediatricians can help families keep kids safer
Potential breakthrough in food allergy management
Published Feb 26, 2024
A Johns Hopkins Medicine study suggests omalizumab could become a 'life-changing' medication for patients with multiple food allergies
Study suggests convalescent plasma may be safe COVID-19 treatment for high risk children
Published Feb 8, 2022
In a small study of 14 infants and children, convalescent plasma from patients who recovered from COVID-19 infection provided expected antibody levels and raised no safety concerns
Pediatric medicine expert Eliana Perrin joins JHU
Published May 25, 2021
She is a leader in the field of pediatric primary care and childhood obesity; she comes to JHU from Duke University
Battle at home
Published Fall 2020
Facing frequent moves, prolonged family separation, and scattered medical records, military spouses and children face unique risk factors for mental illness / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Pediatric health
Infants in households with very low food security may have greater obesity risk
Published Aug 28, 2020
Diet and weight gain in infancy are believed to factor into future obesity and health concerns; low food security is now widespread in the U.S. due to the COVID-19 crisis, researchers say
Pediatric health
Non-fasting blood test can help screen youth for pre-diabetes and diabetes
Published Aug 25, 2020
Study suggests the hemoglobin A1c test can identify youth at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and associated cardiovascular problems
Symptoms, treatments for COVID-19-linked illness in children
Published June 10, 2020
Johns Hopkins pediatric cardiologist Lasya Gaur discusses the rare but serious coronavirus-related illness known as multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C
Berman Institute
Bioethicist sounds alarm on 'worst-case scenario' drug shortage
Published Nov 22, 2019
Hematologist/oncologist Yoram Unguru helped raise awareness recently when a pharmaceutical company stopped producing a widely used pediatric cancer drug
Expert calls for solution to common drug shortages in the U.S.
Published March 5, 2019
Pediatric oncologist calls for government to address the shortage of critical cancer drugs for children