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Symptoms, treatments for COVID-19-linked illness in children
Published June 10, 2020
Johns Hopkins pediatric cardiologist Lasya Gaur discusses the rare but serious coronavirus-related illness known as multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C
Berman Institute
Bioethicist sounds alarm on 'worst-case scenario' drug shortage
Published Nov 22, 2019
Hematologist/oncologist Yoram Unguru helped raise awareness recently when a pharmaceutical company stopped producing a widely used pediatric cancer drug
Expert calls for solution to common drug shortages in the U.S.
Published March 5, 2019
Pediatric oncologist calls for government to address the shortage of critical cancer drugs for children
In Memoriam
Pioneer of pediatric medicine
Published June 18, 2018
Alex Haller, who transformed the practice of pediatric care at Hopkins and across the nation, dies at 91
Community health
Time for a checkup
Published Nov 28, 2017
Rales Health Center gives students at one Baltimore public charter access to the equivalent of a pediatrician's office right in their own school
Case study
Pediatric TB success
Published Nov 15, 2015
Doctors at Johns Hopkins Children Center successfully treat 5-year-old with drug-resistant tuberculosis / Johns Hopkins Medicine
Google brain image search?
Published Jan 10, 2014 Video
Hopkins researchers build searchable database of children's brain scans so doctors can compare abnormalities, make better diagnoses
Chasing a cure
A discovery that mattered
Published Dec 23, 2013
Hopkins virologist on 'Nature' list of 10 people who mattered in 2013 for role in finding 'functional cure' for HIV-infected infant / Nature
Infant born with HIV reportedly cured
Published March 4, 2013 Video
Johns Hopkins Children's Center virologist Persaud authors report that could pave way to eliminating HIV in children / Johns Hopkins Children's Center
Safe treatment for sick kids
Published Feb 13, 2013
Team of nurse, physician leaders works to reduce number of infections linked to catheterization in pediatric ICU / School of Nursing