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Patient safety

CDC taps Hopkins Medicine to create Ebola training tool
Published Oct 24, 2014 Video
Program will offer guidance on proper donning and safe removal of protective gear, patient monitoring
COPD support program
Published Nov 2013
Johns Hopkins receives $2.1M contract to develop, implement, support post-hospital program / Gazette
Surgery surveillance
Published May 2013
Surgeon suggests using video to document procedures, use as a teaching tool, determine what's going right or wrong / Gazette
Science of patient safety
Published April 29, 2013
Experts from schools of nursing, medicine to lead Coursera course / School of Nursing
On stitches
JHU undergrads win collegiate inventors contest
Published Nov 13, 2012 Video
Undergraduate team developed disposable suturing tool to guide placement of stitches, guard against accidental puncture
Making patients safer through user-friendly ICUs
Published Nov 2012
Interdisciplinary team will design, implement, and deploy integrated set of interventions to reduce medical errors in intensive care units / Gazette
Learning from mistakes
Published Sept 24, 2012
Medical errors are alarmingly frequent, Johns Hopkins surgeon writes, and little is being done about it / The Wall Street Journal
Blowing the whistle on medicine
Published Fall 2012
Johns Hopkins surgeon Marty Makary's new tell-all book argues that medicine is too often malpracticed. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Pursuing patient safety
Published Aug 29, 2012
Gift from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation part of effort to eliminate preventable harms in hospitals / Johns Hopkins Medicine