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Patient safety

Biomedical engineering
Septic shock starts earlier than understood and develops distinct levels of patient risk
Published Sept 23, 2020
Study finds that hospitals could categorize patients based on risk and develop early monitoring systems to detect early stages of septic shock
Patient safety
Critical history of a failed push for patient safety
Published Dec 3, 2019
In her new book, Kathleen Sutcliffe explores the patient safety movement and why it has failed to deliver the gains promised over two decades of research, funding, and policymaking
Patient safety expert Kathryn McDonald named BDP
Published Oct 22, 2019
McDonald, a leading expert in health care quality improvement and health systems organization, will hold primary appointments in the schools of Nursing and Medicine
Physician training
Battling med school burnout
Published March 20, 2018
Study: Limiting the length of shifts for medical trainees improves their reported well-being but doesn't impair their education
Patient safety
Phasing out unnecessary blood testing
Published Oct 20, 2017
Eliminating widespread and unnecessary tests can improve patient health, save up to $2 million in costs each year / Hopkins Medicine
Health care
Unneeded care common, doctors say
Published Sept 6, 2017
In survey, physicians indicate overtreatment is driven by fear of malpractice, patient demand, profit motives
Tracing Rx errors
Published July 7, 2017
Handwritten opioid prescriptions contain more mistakes than those produced electronically, researchers find
Interdisciplinary idea
The business of medicine
Published March 31, 2017
Schools should teach med students business management skills so they can effectively lead complex health care enterprises, Hopkins experts say
Patient safety
Hopkins to share surgical care protocols with 750 hospitals
Published Feb 7, 2017
Armstrong Institute receives multimillion dollar grant aimed at improving patient safety, overall experience / Hopkins Medicine
Patient experience
Physician face time
Published Jan 27, 2017
Arriving early for appointments could lead to more time face-to-face with physician, study finds / Hopkins Medicine