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Evolutionary biology
Meet Vadasaurus, an ancient sea creature
Published Dec 7, 2017
Fossil unlocks clues on evolution of certain types of reptiles from life on land to life in the sea / Hopkins Medicine
Then came people
Published Winter 2017
Paleontologists believe that for millions of years, the Jamaican monkey had a pretty sweet life on the island—until people came along / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Lucy liked to climb
Published Nov 30, 2016
CT scans of fossil's bones indicate human ancestor spent a significant amount of time in trees
Food fight fallacy?
Published March 8, 2016
Study suggests food competition with rodents didn't cause early primates' demise
New on the menu: grass
Published Winter 2015
In August 2012, Naomi Levin boarded a plane from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to Baltimore with ground-up teeth in her carry-on / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Fossil hunter
Much more than a hobby
Published Fall 2015
Amateur fossil hunter Aaron Alford has earned the respect of paleontologists. If only he had more time and money. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Ancient horses from the bone mine
Published Spring 2015
In an Indian mine, Hopkins researchers make a paleontological discovery / Johns Hopkins Magazine