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How pancreatic cancer spreads
Published Fall 2015 Photos
Johns Hopkins researchers recently made progress in understanding how pancreatic cancer spreads. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Cancer's telltale slime
Published April 20, 2018
MRI detects sugar molecules on cancerous cells, a method that raises possibility of diagnosis without biopsies / Hopkins Medicine
Analyzing cancer's causes
Published April 20, 2018
New findings show that random gene mutations cause two-thirds of adult cancer incidence across tissues
An epigenetic key to a mystery
Published Summer 2014
A Johns Hopkins oncologist is uncovering clues as to why so many American men get prostate cancer and how we can prevent it. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Alternative medicine
Beyond kissing, mistletoe has therapeutic potential
Published Spring 2014
A Johns Hopkins cancer patient is raising the profile of mistletoe injections as an alternative cancer therapy / Johns Hopkins Magazine