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Behavioral science
Overeating after dark
Published March 24, 2018
Chances of overeating increase in evening as hunger hormone levels rise, study suggests
Lung benefits seen from apples, tomatoes
Published March 24, 2018
Study finds decline in lung function among ex-smokers slower for those who ate tomatoes or fruit each day for a decade
Mmmmm chocolate
Junk food science
Published March 24, 2018 Video
Food has the power to sneak in and grab our attention—especially junk food, study finds
Wasted food, wasted nutrients
Published March 24, 2018
BSPH study finds significant amount of wasted food is consumable, contains vital nutrients Americans need / School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins Health Review
Superfood or super-hype?
Published March 24, 2018
Before filling your plate with expensive fad foods, nutritional biochemist suggests diet of diverse veggies, fruits, proteins
Childhood health
More activity, big savings
Published March 24, 2018
Study finds that modest increases in activity could avert future medical costs, lost wages / School of Public Health
Who eats when food is scarce?
Published March 24, 2018
Analysis of food deprivation in three cities shows teens in poor families often go hungry before young children
DASH for kidney health
Published March 24, 2018
Popular diet known to lower blood pressure also good for kidneys, study suggests / School of Public Health
Brain health
Can cutting calories help curb memory loss?
Published March 24, 2018
Fasting could help prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, improve memory and mood / Johns Hopkins Health Review
Diet and nutrition
How fat becomes lethal, even without weight gain
Published March 24, 2018
Findings have potential to help scientists better understand a growing class of often fatal metabolic diseases / Hopkins Medicine