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3 Questions
Why the U.S. health system needs redesign
Published March 8, 2024
Hopkins Nursing policy expert Vincent Guilamo-Ramos makes the case for a nurse-led approach to health care that focuses on prevention and equity
Rachel Stevenson advocates for nursing education  
Published Nov 8, 2023
Stevenson educates members of Congress about the issues affecting current and future nurses
In memoriam
Nursing pioneer Fannie Gaston-Johansson dies at 84
Published Jan 12, 2023
A member of the Hopkins Nursing faculty for more than two decades, she was known for her scholarly work involving health disparities, pain management, and palliative care
Health Policy Forum
HHS Secretary emphasizes the importance of health care for all
Published Dec 20, 2022
Xavier Becerra champions health care workers who pursue their mission with energy and spirt in seventh installment of the JHU's Health Policy Forum series
Health Policy Forum
JHU to host conversation with HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra
Published Dec 12, 2022
Becerra will join Nursing Dean Sarah Szanton on Dec. 15 to discuss nursing leadership, access to health care, health equity, and other topics
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Traumatic brain injury expert returns to Hopkins Nursing
Published Sept 28, 2021
Jess Gill studies biomarkers to try to understand why some recover well from traumatic brain injuries while others cope with lasting effects on their physical and mental health
Domestic abuse
A lifeline to immigrant women in need
Published June 2, 2021
A new phone-based intervention provides culturally sensitive, trauma-informed resources for immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence
Symposium explores the role of nurses in vaccine rollout
Published March 2, 2021
In virtual event, nurses celebrate moments of triumph in the fight against COVID-19 and discuss the challenges ahead
The complexities of safe nursing home visits during the holidays
Published Nov 23, 2020
Nursing home visits support residents' socialization and care, but families should exercise caution when planning a visit during the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Hopkins Nursing expert says