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In study, transplanted brain stem cells survive without anti-rejection drugs
Published Oct 2, 2019
By exploiting a feature of the immune system, researchers potentially open the door for stem cell transplants to repair the brain
Infectious disease
Schizophrenia linked with abnormal immune response to mono
Published Jan 9, 2019
Researchers say schizophrenia might alter the immune system to make patients susceptible to the virus, or the virus might cause the psychological disorder
Brain health
Illness and infection linked to dementia-related brain changes
Published Sept 27, 2018
Hospitalization, critical illness, and major infection may diminish brain structures that are most commonly affected by Alzheimer's disease
Biomedical engineering
Bringing a human touch to prosthetics
Published June 20, 2018
When layered on top of prosthetic hands, e-dermis device brings back a real sense of touch through the fingertips
Brain science
Think tank
Published Summer 2018
Scientists write about what they'd most like the public to understand about the human brain / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Rare genetic variation may be linked to schizophrenia
Published Jan 3, 2018
Scientists successfully reverse anti-social behavior in mice by targeting 'thunder' protein
Overcoming language challenges
Published March 3, 2017
Study shows how some adults with autism compensate for childhood language difficulties associated with the disorder / School of Medicine
The brain's 'black box'
Published Jan 19, 2017
Study identifies protein that maintains, protects adult neurons responsible for learning, memory
Zika virus
New evidence links Zika, Guillain-Barré
Published Oct 5, 2016
Johns Hopkins neurologist collaborates with scientists in Colombia to document biological, viral association
Now hear this
Selective attention
Published Feb 23, 2016 Video
Bat brain behavior offers key insights into how we focus on certain sounds