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The brain's 'black box'
Published Jan 19, 2017
Study identifies protein that maintains, protects adult neurons responsible for learning, memory
Zika virus
New evidence links Zika, Guillain-Barré
Published Oct 5, 2016
Johns Hopkins neurologist collaborates with scientists in Colombia to document biological, viral association
Now hear this
Selective attention
Published Feb 23, 2016 Video
Bat brain behavior offers key insights into how we focus on certain sounds
Big potential of 'mini-brains'
Published Feb 12, 2016 Video
Human-derived structures could allow for better research, reduce animal testing / School of Public Health
In memoriam
'Inventor' of neurovirology
Published Nov 25, 2015
Richard T. Johnson, School of Medicine faculty member for nearly three decades, dies at 84
Highway congestion
Clogs linked to ALS, dementia
Published Sept 23, 2015
Hopkins scientists successfully clear jammed cellular highways in lab tests using molecular therapy / Hopkins Medicine
Seizure stopper?
Published June 22, 2015
Amino acid that inhibits, interrupts convulsions in mice in study could pave way for new epilepsy treatments / Hopkins Medicine
Spoiler Alert
Brain myth busted
Published July 24, 2014
With apologies to Scarlett Johansson's 'Lucy' title character, using your whole brain isn't a superpower—we all do it
Inside the Brain Science Institute
Published Spring 2014
Brain Science Institute researchers seek to understand the most fundamental questions about what goes on in our heads. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The eyes have it
Impulsiveness indicators
Published Jan 23, 2014
For signs of impulsive decision making, look into the eyes, researchers say / Hopkins Medicine