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Latest in body art? 'Tattoos' for individual cells
Published Aug 7, 2023
New technology involving dots and wires adhering to live cells could some day provide early warnings for health problems
Tiny structures generate powerful beams for enhanced optical imaging
Published Jan 19, 2021
Using DNA as a scaffold, engineers create synthetic nanomaterial that could pave the way for rapid and more accurate diagnostic testing from a single molecule
Two Johns Hopkins chemists receive grants to create sustainable nanotechnologies
Published July 15, 2020
The grant from the National Science Foundation aims to help ensure new nanomaterials do not have unintended consequences for the environment
A breakthrough in nanotech
Published Nov 18, 2019
New manufacturing method produces nanocrystals that are more efficient, modular, and reusable
Chemical engineering
Developing more flexible nanomaterials can make fuel cell cars cheaper
Published Feb 22, 2019
Scientists manipulate nanomaterials to make them a million times thinner than a strand of hair—dramatically increasing their reactivity
Bridging the gap
Published Jan 5, 2017
Hopkins researchers capture on video DNA nanotubes building a bridge between two molecular posts