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Bridging the gap
Published Sept 20, 2017
Hopkins researchers capture on video DNA nanotubes building a bridge between two molecular posts
Current events
Electron twisters trapped
Published Sept 20, 2017
Scientists figure out how to use nanowires to contain vortices and keep supercurrents flowing freely
Researcher on the rise
Published Sept 20, 2017
School of Medicine postdoc among young scientists selected for Forbes' '30 Under 30' list / Forbes
Magnetic medicine
Tiny particles vs. cancer
Published Sept 20, 2017
Johns Hopkins researchers coax dormant immune cells into action to fight melanoma in small study / Hopkins Medicine
Targeting cancer
Published Sept 20, 2017
School of Engineering professor Honggang Cui recognized by NSF for research involving cancer-fighting nanostructures
Getting DNA in shape
Published Sept 20, 2017
Altering shape of nanoparticles could lead to 'safer and more effective delivery method for gene therapy'