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Johns Hopkins neuroscientists find brain mechanism tied to age-related memory loss
Published May 20, 2022
As the brain ages, a region in the hippocampus becomes imbalanced, causing forgetfulness. Scientists say understanding this region of the brain and its function may be the key to preventing cognitive decline.
Artificial intelligence
'Spooky' similarity in how brains, computers see
Published Oct 23, 2020
Characteristics of human 3D vision discovered in computer vision network only designed to 'view' in 2D
Mind/Brain Institute
How the brain determines location
Published Feb 11, 2019
The brain continually updates its orientation in the world by interpreting internal physical cues and learning external landmarks
Brain science
Gambling monkeys like big bets
Published Sept 20, 2018
Study helps scientists locate area of brain linked to high-risk behavior, a possible step toward improved treatments for destructively risky behaviors in humans
Brain science
How we can tell trash from treasure
Published Feb 8, 2018
The brain can assign value to an object in less than a tenth of a second—roughly the same amount of time it takes to recognize an object
Brain training
How Pavlov's bell makes dogs drool
Published Oct 26, 2015
Research team studies mouse brain cells to understand relationship between stimuli, delayed rewards
Brain science
Don't I know that guy?
Published Aug 19, 2015
Neuroscientists pinpoint part of brain that taps into our memory banks
JHU researchers make new discovery about brain's 3-D shape processing
Published Sept 18, 2014
A major pathway long associated with object shape also carries information about landscapes and other environments