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Hopkins retrospective

Hard histories
How studying past can shape a better future
Published Sept 12, 2023
Discussion of race in America features 'New York Times' columnist Jamelle Bouie, civil rights lawyer Sherrilyn Ifill, BMA director Asma Naeem
Hard histories
Students discover stories of girls who lived at former Hopkins orphanage
Published April 5, 2023
The course is part of the ongoing Hard Histories at Hopkins project, which examines the role that racism and discrimination have played at the institution
University history
Piecing together hard history
Published Dec 4, 2021
Johns Hopkins University faculty and others explore the complexities of archival research and scholarship as part of a long-term examination of the institution of slavery and its legacies at universities
Hopkins Retrospective
Documents prompt reexamination of history of university's founder
Published Dec 9, 2020
Census records and additional research provide evidence that Johns Hopkins was a slaveholder during the mid-1800s, in contrast to the longstanding narrative that he was an early abolitionist whose father freed the family's enslaved people decades earlier
Hopkins and WWI
Published Sept 14, 2016
Exhibit digs into university archives to explore impact of 'The Great War' at home and abroad
Alternate Hopkins history
Published April 14, 2015
Professor writing a history of Hopkins discusses events that could have changed the shape of the university
History goes digital
Published Winter 2014
The Hopkins Retrospective project explores Johns Hopkins history and finds new ways to share it with the community. / Johns Hopkins Magazine