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History of medicine

A Hopkins story
Published Fall 2022
In the new book A Scientific Revolution, the authors make the case of how 10 men and women pioneered health care as we know it / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Modern questions with a long history
Published April 14, 2021
Historians of medicine Jeremy Greene and Graham Mooney discuss the coronavirus pandemic through the lens of history with the 'Public Health On Call' podcast
How pandemics shape society
Published April 9, 2020
Sociologist and historian Alexandre White discusses how past pandemics, such as the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak, have reverberated long after the disease stops spreading
$1.25M gift for medical archives
Published May 17, 2018
Donation from Hopkins Medicine trustee J. Mario Molina commemorates will support digital upgrade
Medicine and race
Published Spring 2018
Hopkins alum's new book examines racist medical ideas about blackness that were used to justify slavery and still influence medical disparities today / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Online programs in History of Medicine
Published Oct 14, 2015
Students can sign up for individual courses or pursue a certificate or master's degree
History of medicine
Sex in the 18th century
Published Summer 2014
'Aristotle's Masterpiece,' a popular sex and pregnancy manual published in 1684, was neither by nor about Aristotle / Johns Hopkins Magazine