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Higher education

Artificial Intelligence
ChatGPT's implications for higher ed
Published Feb 20, 2023
As the new tech makes waves in education, scholars from Hopkins and UPenn discuss promising applications—and potential pitfalls
Put pedagogy first
Published Spring 2021
Reviewing History Professor Jonathan Zimmerman's new book, 'The Amateur Hour' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Higher education's changing landscape
Published Nov 27, 2017
A conversation with Columbia sociologist Jonathan Cole, one of the country's leading thinkers on higher ed reform
The high cost of for-profit schools
Published Sept 15, 2016
For-profit trade schools leave disadvantaged students with more debt, fewer job opportunities than nonprofit schools, study finds
Daniels talks innovation at Milken conference
Published May 10, 2016 Video
President takes part in panel discussion on how universities can contribute to regional economic development