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Brain science
How we hear the sound of silence
Published July 11, 2023
Johns Hopkins philosophers and psychologists used auditory illusions to solve an ancient puzzle: whether people can hear more than sounds
Hearing aid coverage could be 'transformational'
Published Nov 15, 2021
Expanding Medicare coverage to pay for hearing aids would improve the quality of life for millions of older Americans, says Nicholas Reed of the Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health
Monkey hear
Pitch perfect primates?
Published Dec 30, 2015
Study shows that marmosets share human's unique perception abilities with pitch / Hopkins Medicine
Hear ye
New factor in hearing loss?
Published July 13, 2015
New nerve cell connections could contribute to age-related decline in hearing, study suggests / Hopkins Medicine
Hear, hear
Published Aug 11, 2014
App developed by Johns Hopkins undergrads gives cochlear implant users access to auditory training
Dark matters
Lights out discovery
Published Feb 5, 2014 Video
Simulated blindness can lead to recovery of lost hearing, researchers say
Now hear this
Your brain on silence
Published Jan 24, 2014
Impaired hearing linked to accelerated brain tissue loss / Hopkins Medicine
Now hear this
Music in our ears
Published Nov 7, 2012
Research offers insight into how the brain processes timbre, could help improve hearing aids