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Gun violence

Gun violence
What the conviction of a school shooter's parent could mean
Published March 1, 2024
Recent conviction of Michigan mother underscores role of safe storage and Child Access Protection laws in preventing gun violence, Hopkins expert says
President's Frontier Award
Trauma surgeon and gun violence survivor Joseph Sakran honored
Published Feb 16, 2024
Sakran, director of emergency general surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, will receive a $250,000 grant to further his work among medical professionals to reduce firearm injuries and deaths
Innovative resources
Students create tool to help predict targeted violence in high schools
Published April 26, 2023
The resource is designed to increase the understanding students' well-being and allow counselors to make more informed decisions on outreach
Oregon's new laws and the future of U.S. gun policy
Published Nov 28, 2022
A midterm ballot initiative requires permits to purchase guns and limits magazine capacity, charting a course for other states to put gun control in the hands of voters, says Hopkins expert Cass Crifasi
Preventing gun violence
How red flag laws reduce risks of gun violence
Published July 11, 2022
Extreme risk protection orders, also called red flag laws, are a way to temporarily restrict access to firearms during high risk situations. Here's how they work.
Gun violence
Experts: Repealing concealed carry restrictions will lead to more gun violence
Published June 28, 2022
During a media briefing Friday, experts from the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions discussed the impact of the Supreme Court's decision to remove concealed carry restrictions in New York
What are 'ghost guns' and why are they risky?
Published June 13, 2022
Untraceable by design, the DIY guns are just as lethal as a traditional firearm and often made of the same materials. Alexander McCourt of the Center for Gun Violence Solutions discusses the inherent dangers of ghost guns and details current legislation surrounding them.
How do we stop gun violence in America?
Published May 27, 2022
Hopkins experts suggest steps the U.S. can take to address the epidemic of mass shootings in the U.S.
The age of gun violence
Published May 25, 2022
Should access to firearms, especially the most lethal types, come with age restrictions? A Johns Hopkins researcher—and gun owner—pleads the case.