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Empowering more risk-takers
Published Winter 2018
Susan and Matthew Daimler say they give back to Hopkins so that more students can have opportunities to make bold career moves / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Elif's legacy
Published Winter 2018
Fellowship at SAIS supports students with career and research interests in humanitarian assistance and public health in the developing world / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Powered up
Published Fall 2018
A friendship forged on the field led alum Brad Rosborough to lead a giving effort to install stadium lights at Babb Field / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Basic training
Published Summer 2015
Leo Bell's experience at Johns Hopkins was life-changing—and the reason he included a significant gift to the university in his will / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Stepping up for philanthropy
Published Summer 2015
Founded in 2009, Step Up's mission is to show that Hopkins wouldn't be what it is today without philanthropy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Ride on
Published Spring 2015
Staff rides bring students to significant battlegrounds in the United States and abroad / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sorrow and Loss 101
Published Winter 2014
The Cameron Kravitt Foundation Death and Bereavement Seminar trains Johns Hopkins pediatric residents in compassionate care. / Johns Hopkins Magazine