Archived articles


A friendship with lasting impact
Published Spring 2023
Mindy Farber has chosen to honor the memory of her lifelong friend and Hopkins roommate, Rhonda Schneider Casas, through an endowed gift to the university / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A professorship in primary care
Published Spring 2022
The Rosemarie Hope Reid, M.D., Professorship was established earlier this year to recognize Reid and to advance primary care education at Hopkins / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A scholarship born from friendship
Published Spring 2022
Friends teamed up to create the Sanford M. Saunders Scholarship, awarded to a student who shares Saunders' interests in political science and history and is contemplating a career in law / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A horseman of a different era
Published April 20, 2022
A 7-foot tall sculpture, a small-scale version of Kehinde Wiley's defiant rejoinder to Confederate statuary, 'Rumors of War,' will be installed in Mudd Hall atrium
A nod to a mentor
Published Winter 2021
To celebrate the founding faculty of the Department of Computer Science and the lessons they taught him, Charlie Neuhauser established the Neuhauser Family Teaching Award / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Elif's legacy
Published Winter 2018
Fellowship at SAIS supports students with career and research interests in humanitarian assistance and public health in the developing world / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Empowering more risk-takers
Published Winter 2018
Susan and Matthew Daimler say they give back to Hopkins so that more students can have opportunities to make bold career moves / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Powered up
Published Fall 2018
A friendship forged on the field led alum Brad Rosborough to lead a giving effort to install stadium lights at Babb Field / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Basic training
Published Summer 2015
Leo Bell's experience at Johns Hopkins was life-changing—and the reason he included a significant gift to the university in his will / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Stepping up for philanthropy
Published Summer 2015
Founded in 2009, Step Up's mission is to show that Hopkins wouldn't be what it is today without philanthropy / Johns Hopkins Magazine