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Environmental health and engineering

Environmental health
Surprisingly high levels of toxic gas found in Louisiana
Published June 11, 2024
The toxic gas ethylene oxide, at levels a thousand times higher than what is considered safe, was detected across parts of Louisiana with a cutting-edge mobile air-testing lab
Environmental Health
Turning waste into watts
Published Dec 7, 2023
Study led by Hopkins environmental engineers suggests that anaerobic digestion could be used to clean cattle manure and produce fuel
Could your house make you sick?
Published Fall 2023
Johns Hopkins experts weigh in on pressing questions about health and safety indoors / Johns Hopkins Magazine
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EPA eliminates wetlands protections
Published Sept 1, 2023
As much as half of the nation's wetlands were recently removed from federal regulations that protected them from pollution, JHU expert Ciaran Harman says
A closer look at the EPA's proposed regulations of 'forever chemicals'
Published March 21, 2023
Carsten Prasse, assistant professor of environmental health and engineering, discusses the effects of the regulations on public water systems—from their benefits for Americans' health to the reality of implementation
Environmental health
A breath of fresh air
Published March 2, 2022
Peter DeCarlo and postdoctoral researcher Ellis Robinson are part of an international project studying air quality in Fairbanks, Alaska
Health and engineering
Data science paves the way for road safety
Published Feb 8, 2022
Project led by researcher Shima Hamidi seeks to discover the optimal road width for driver, cyclist, and pedestrian safety in city streets