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Focus group with an AI twist
Published Summer 2023
With Victor Oh's TactileAI platform, beauty brands can test their products and receive customer insight on a product's fragrance, texture, packaging, and more / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A craveworthy salad
Published Spring 2023
In 2005, Leslie Silverglide, A&S '02, Engr '02, and her husband, David, A&S '99, co-founded a casual restaurant called MIXT, featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients in salads, sandwiches, and grain bowls / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Entrepreneurial empowerment
Published Fall 2022
Yury Yakubchyk Jr., A&S '13, is all about supporting the next generation of young entrepreneurs / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A hyperlocal supply chain
Published Spring 2022
"We want our resellers to be the human Walmarts of their community," says Steven Wongsoredjo, co-founder and CEO of Super, a social commerce program helping to meet demand for affordable goods in Indonesia. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Handbags for the long haul
Published Winter 2021
Deepa Gandhi says Dagne Dover stands for more than just handbags. "We are leading a wave of more responsible, intentional brands, which is what consumers care about these days." / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Handbags for the long haul
Published Jan 7, 2022
Krieger School alum Deepa Gandhi started her career as an equity sales trader before making an unconventional leap from finance to retail and is now co-founder and COO of Dagne Dover, a handbag company
The right combination
Published Summer 2021
Dilawer Singh keeps his business plans simple with the mission of sharing his mother's recipes with the world / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Fitness for everyone, everywhere
Published Spring 2021
Personal experience led Ethan Agarwal to create Aaptiv, a fitness app that helps subscribers discover what makes them feel better while getting healthier. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Published Winter 2020
Alyson Watson founded Modern Health to remove barriers to mental health resources with an easy-to-use mobile app / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Published Fall 2020
A pair of Homewood campus friends-turned-business partners is brewing a superior cup of coffee as the entrepreneurs behind Voga Coffee / Johns Hopkins Magazine