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Electrical and computer engineering

New photoacoustic imaging process has potential to improve biopsies and catheter insertions
Published Dec 21, 2021
Process automates the task of tracking needle and catheter tips, provides doctors with information regarding the surrounding tissue, may reduce the risk of surgical complications and sepsis
Wearable motion sensors help predict outcomes for patients with severe brain injury
Published Dec 17, 2021
These devices record motor signals found to be correlated with levels of patient consciousness and purposeful movement and can help doctors predict patient outcomes
The science of the sound of music
Published Dec 7, 2021
Engineering students teach acoustics course at Peabody, opening a new avenue for scientific and musical collaboration
Bat-inspired artificial brain could improve submarine navigation
Published Dec 3, 2021
Postdoctoral fellow identifies area in the midbrain of bats that processes sounds, which has implications for the next generation of sonar technology
Mapping the brain to make surgery safer
Published Oct 22, 2021
Naresh Nandakumar is developing a painless, non-invasive approach using functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, to locate the eloquent cortex
Health Tech
A cardiac patch to the ResQ
Published April 20, 2021
Student-invented device continuously monitors the strength and timing of a heart's electrical activity and sends the data to a patient's caregiver and doctor
Technology & Health
Unlocking schizophrenia's secrets
Published March 15, 2021
Engineering doctoral student Sayan Ghosal combines genetic and imaging data to develop better model of the mental illness
Inside the career of longtime engineering professor James West
Published Feb 10, 2021
West, who celebrates his 90th birthday today, remains as passionate about his work as he was when his career began nearly 70 years ago
Collaboration comes home during the pandemic
Published Nov 2, 2020
Johns Hopkins senior Helena Hahn partners with graduate team Hearo to develop a flexible version of their acoustic sensor
Hopkins helps local business make filters 24/7
Published May 18, 2020
DiPole Materials, co-founded by JHU Professor James West, recruits students and alums to operate a specialized machine that produces enough material to make 2,000 N95-style filters a day