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Mechanical engineering
Mosquitoes use specialized wing tones to buzz potential mates
Published Nov 7, 2019
Findings by Hopkins scientists about the aerodynamic and midair communication capabilities of mosquitoes' wings could inform the design of quieter drones and new ways of combating mosquito-borne diseases
Enhancing drone safety
Published March 27, 2018
Three cybersecurity grad students work to prevent hacking attacks on drones
Test flight: Drone sets medical transport record
Published Sept 19, 2017
Johns Hopkins team continues to explore potential of using unmanned aerial vehicles for medical purposes
Coordinated swarm
Published Dec 13, 2016
Applied Physics Lab conducts at-sea demonstration of swarming unmanned surface vessels
Emergency medicine
Blood drops
Published Dec 7, 2016
Blood products unaffected during drone transport, Johns Hopkins study shows
Hack job
Researchers bring down drones
Published June 8, 2016 Video
Grad students in security informatics program hack drones for capstone project, identify security weaknesses
Drone technology
Release the CRACUNS
Published March 31, 2016 Video
APL researchers develop drone that operate in the air or underwater
Global health
Drone pilot study
Published July 29, 2015
Using unmanned aircraft to transport blood samples could speed diagnosis, treatment / Hopkins Medicine