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Cancer research
Novel AI blood test detects liver cancer
Published Nov 21, 2022
The test, developed by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, aids in early detection of liver cancer—one of the leading causes of cancer deaths
Technology & Health
Unlocking schizophrenia's secrets
Published March 15, 2021
Engineering doctoral student Sayan Ghosal combines genetic and imaging data to develop better model of the mental illness
Patience first
Published Spring 2020
Lab tests during a childhood case of salmonella sparked Isaac Kinde's interest in screening for DNA mutations / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Cell biology
Buttoned-up biology finding
Published Oct 10, 2019
Hopkins researchers find that some DNA strands button up to condense in size and bring chromosome pairs together
Cellular snapshots
Study suggests a genetic 'butterfly effect'
Published June 28, 2019
Study examines stem cells as they differentiate into heart muscle cells, finding that small, fleeting genetic mutations can affect disease risk over time
A powerful genetic LASSO
Published July 5, 2017
New technique clones thousands of genes at once and could lead to more rapid discovery of new medicines
Biomedical engineering
DNA inspector gadget
Published Feb 23, 2017
New open source gene sequencing software could aid in early detection, treatment of cancer
Computer science
A giant leap for genome sequencing
Published Oct 24, 2016
JHU's Michael Schatz leads work on new computer algorithms that create more complete DNA portraits
Spit take
Body protects cells from toxins in coffee, tea
Published May 30, 2014
Researchers plan to study how natural defenses might be circumvented in some, causing cancers, other illnesses