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design days

Biomolecular engineering
A fresh approach to fighting acne
Published Aug 18, 2018
Student team engineers a face cream that uses a novel approach to control blemishes
Design Day 2018
Students showcase creative solutions
Published Aug 18, 2018
More than 100 student design projects from all nine School of Engineering departments will be on display
Undergraduate research
A simple way to stop the bleeding
Published Aug 18, 2018
Engineering students devise blood-clotting 'super gel' that could make oft-repeated procedures more efficient and economical
Design Day
Student engineers perfect their pitches
Published Aug 18, 2018 Video
In annual year-end Design Day showcase, students present their research, projects, and prototypes
Global health
Putting cancer on ice
Published Aug 18, 2018
Student team develops reusable cryotherapy device to help treat breast cancer in rural South Africa
Design Days
Showcase for creative solutions
Published Aug 18, 2018 Video
Hopkins Engineering students put finishing touches on projects before annual exhibition
Design Day
Medtech design showcase
Published Aug 18, 2018
Student Healthcare Design Competition will recognize biomedical design projects
Life vest
'Shocking' design could save lives
Published Aug 18, 2018
Lightweight defibrillator vest designed by students improves upon existing garment for patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest
Averting repeat treatments
Published Aug 18, 2018 Video
Johns Hopkins students' device aims to eliminate need for multiple breast cancer surgeries
Innovation by design
Published Aug 18, 2018
JHU engineering student projects on display at annual Design Days