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Faculty Honors
Lauren Gardner wins top biomedical research prize
Published Sept 28, 2022
Gardner, creator of the COVID-19 dashboard that became the world's most trusted source for reliable, real-time data about the COVID pandemic, wins the 2022 Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award
COVID-19 Vaccines
What you need to know about bivalent boosters for COVID-19
Published Sept 1, 2022
New booster shots designed to target the omicron variant and its subvariants, and the original strain of SARS-CoV-2, could become available in the U.S. in the coming weeks
COVID-19 Impacts
Type 2 diabetes cases in children on the rise during COVID-19 pandemic
Published Aug 25, 2022
Johns Hopkins researchers cite environmental changes caused by the pandemic, including adapting routines and less physical activity, as likely contributors to the increase in type 2 diabetes cases among children
Endemic COVID
What does the new CDC guidance tell us about the COVID-19 pandemic?
Published Aug 15, 2022
Johns Hopkins epidemiologist David Dowdy says the guidance update brings the CDC in line with the habits of Americans and suggests we're closer to a new, endemic phase of COVID-19
Nanoparticle therapy may help patients hospitalized with severe COVID-19
Published Aug 12, 2022
A small clinical trial conducted by Johns Hopkins scientists shows an experimental drug suppresses COVID-19-related inflammation and brain injury
Public Health
Efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 disproportionately affected women and girls
Published July 19, 2022
While the safety measures taken at the beginning of the pandemic saved lives, a full accounting of COVID-19's impact must include the economic, social, and health effects of pandemic response strategies
Public Health
Food insecurity amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Published July 8, 2022
The pandemic has exacerbated food insecurity concerns while also interrupting critical data gathering efforts to assess food insecurity in vulnerable populations
FDA authorizes COVID-19 vaccines for children under 5 years old. What's next?
Published June 16, 2022
Vaccine expert Ruth Karron discusses the authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for those under 5 years old, and what's likely to happen with the authorization over the next few weeks
The pandemic has reached a plateau, but for how long?
Published June 8, 2022
Johns Hopkins health security expert Tom Inglesby provides an update on the state of the pandemic and how vaccination, funding, and variants may affect its future
U.S. COVID-19 death toll should serve as a warning
Published May 20, 2022
As the United States passed 1 million COVID-19 deaths, Johns Hopkins experts reflect on the pandemic's toll and the interconnected nature of public health