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From Olympic swimmer to pandemic responder
Published July 29, 2021
Silver-medal swimmer Tara Kirk Sell now wages a battle against both COVID-19 spread and the misinformation surrounding the virus
Alumni spotlight
Bridging the broadband gap in wake of COVID-19
Published July 26, 2021
As director for broadband development and connectivity for Louisiana, alum Veneeth Iyengar is working to increase access to digital services for education, telehealth, and more
COVID-19 vaccines and kids
Published July 2, 2021
Public health and medical leaders explore the complexities of vaccinating kids during Johns Hopkins/UW symposium
Food systems
The tumultuous year of the fish
Published Summer 2021
New research examines the jolt to the seafood supply chain caused by COVID-19—and how we might build resilience in the future / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Caring for a nation
Published Summer 2021
Rochelle Walensky credits Hopkins for setting her on the path to studying infectious diseases and, ultimately, to her work at the CDC. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Will COVID-19 resurge in the fall?
Published June 29, 2021
Infectious disease modelers explore how COVID-19 could play out in the next six months
Data disarray damages COVID-19 response, expert says
Published June 17, 2021
Standardizing demographic data reporting practices across the U.S. should be a national priority to confront the current and future pandemics, according to Hopkins expert Beth Blauer
COVID-19 treatment
Drop in convalescent plasma use linked to excess deaths
Published June 16, 2021
Study suggests the declining use of the COVID-19 therapy at U.S. hospitals from November 2020 to February 2021 may have led to more than 29,000 excess COVID-19 deaths
Data-driven COVID-19 care
Published June 15, 2021
A new algorithm created by Johns Hopkins scientists predicts which COVID-19 patients will become gravely ill
Coronavirus Resource Center
Pandemic Data Initiative will address COVID-19 data problems
Published May 17, 2021
The latest resource from the Coronavirus Resource Center will explore state and national data discrepancies revealed by the pandemic