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Johns Hopkins University lifts COVID-19 vaccine requirement
Published March 28, 2024
Effective immediately, the change aligns with current federal public health guidelines
Artificial intelligence
AI can now detect COVID-19 in lung ultrasound images
Published March 20, 2024
An automated detection tool developed by Johns Hopkins researchers could help ER doctors diagnose patients quickly and accurately
Study: Rapid home tests are reliable
Published Feb 14, 2024
Findings suggest physicians can feel confident prescribing treatment based on results from patient-reported, self-administered tests
Exploring sex-specific features of HIV
Published Feb 6, 2024
Johns Hopkins researcher Eileen Scully advocates for including sex as a biological variable in preclinical and clinical trials
What to know about JN.1, the latest COVID variant
Published Jan 12, 2024
Vaccines, tests, and antivirals are still effective tools in the most recent COVID surge, Hopkins virologist says
Convalescent plasma treatment may lower long COVID risk
Published Sept 20, 2023
Plasma from recovered patients, helpful in preventing severe COVID, could also decrease likelihood of post-COVID symptoms
What's in store for the upcoming respiratory virus season?
Published July 31, 2023
Johns Hopkins epidemiologist David Dowdy says vaccines and a preventive drug for RSV offer hope for a healthier fall and winter
What does the end of the COVID federal emergency mean?
Published May 8, 2023
The federal government rolls back certain pandemic protections May 11. What are the ramifications? Johns Hopkins experts weigh in.
From pandemic pivot improvisation to Peabody tradition
Published March 22, 2023
Conservatory students return to the cafeteria to commemorate the third anniversary of a spontaneous final performance before the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020
Hopkins data hub ends after three years
Published March 10, 2023
The Coronavirus Resource Center, a critical resource during the COVID-19 pandemic, ceased the collection and reporting of COVID-19 data on March 10