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Big Bang breakthrough
'Cosmology's missing link' discovered
Published March 18, 2014
JHU cosmologist Marc Kamionkowski shares in excitement over Big Bang breakthrough
WMAP team to release full results of groundbreaking space study
Published Dec 21, 2012 Video
Nine-year mission led by JHU's Bennett revolutionized our understanding of our universe
Astrophysicist Menard named Outstanding Young Scientist
Published Oct 26, 2012
Maryland Academy of Sciences recognizes him for research in extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology
Universal sculpture
Published Oct 4, 2012
JHU cosmologists receive Temple Foundation award for work on 'origami universe'
Head in the stars
Published July 11, 2012
Astrophysicist Adam Riess talks about coming up with a Nobel Prize-winning idea while swimming laps