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Convalescent plasma

Convalescent plasma treatment may lower long COVID risk
Published Sept 20, 2023
Plasma from recovered patients, helpful in preventing severe COVID, could also decrease likelihood of post-COVID symptoms
Study suggests convalescent plasma may be safe COVID-19 treatment for high risk children
Published Feb 8, 2022
In a small study of 14 infants and children, convalescent plasma from patients who recovered from COVID-19 infection provided expected antibody levels and raised no safety concerns
Early dose of convalescent plasma may help COVID-19 patients avoid hospitalization
Published Jan 5, 2022
Nationwide, multicenter clinical trial led by Johns Hopkins shows convalescent plasma works as an early treatment for COVID-19, reducing need for hospitalization by 50%
COVID-19 treatment
Drop in convalescent plasma use linked to excess deaths
Published June 16, 2021
Study suggests the declining use of the COVID-19 therapy at U.S. hospitals from November 2020 to February 2021 may have led to more than 29,000 excess COVID-19 deaths
Severe COVID-19 patients may be best donors for convalescent plasma therapy
Published Oct 22, 2020
Study links stronger antibody responses to more severe disease, advanced age, and male sex
A 'healthy debate' on convalescent plasma
Published Sept 24, 2020
Hopkins immunologist Arturo Casadevall explains the different federal responses to the COVID-19 treatment and why it's normal to lack consensus in science / The Wall Street Journal
Convalescent plasma: A COVID-19 treatment speeds to clinical trials
Published July 28, 2020
An old-school approach offers a fast, stopgap solution for a modern pandemic