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Chemical engineering

Faculty honors
Yayuan Liu wins Packard Fellowship
Published Oct 17, 2023
The prestigious fellowship supports creative and innovative lines of research by early career scientists
35 under 35
Hopkins engineer named to MIT innovator list
Published Sept 15, 2023
Yayuan Liu recognized for her work creating carbon-capture devices
Power struggle: shedding light on why batteries degrade
Published July 12, 2023
What makes batteries lose their effectiveness? Yayuan Liu is turning to electrochemistry for the answer
Graduate student honors
PhD student's team wins top prize at Merck KGaA Innovation Cup
Published July 12, 2023
Whiting School doctoral student Anastasia Georgiou and her teammates from all over the world developed a winning concept and business plan
Brain cancer
This gel stops brain tumors in mice. Could it offer hope for humans?
Published April 24, 2023
The gel can reach areas that surgery might miss and current drugs struggle to reach to kill lingering cancer cells and suppress tumor growth
Student Success
Stuck on Tastee Tape
Published Nov 10, 2022
When four Hopkins students presented their Design Day product, they didn't expect the media to pick it up and give it viral attention. Months later, the students are alumnae, and the future of the product is bright.
Ammonia may unlock secrets to cleaner, greener energy
Published Oct 14, 2022
Research effort led by Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Michael Tsapatsis aims to test ammonia's potential as a liquid storage medium
Engineers develop mini caps for mini brains
Published Aug 17, 2022
Engineering feat expands the research and testing available to scientists with brain organoids
A sensor for faster, more accurate COVID-19 tests
Published March 29, 2022
Hopkins researchers say the sensor combines accuracy levels approaching that of PCR testing with the speed of rapid antigen tests, could be used for mass testing at airports, schools, and hospitals
Cancer research
Protein appears to prevent tumor cells from spreading via blood vessels
Published July 14, 2021
Johns Hopkins researchers identify a key protein in the regulation of cancer metastasis