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Cell biology

Cell biology
Nerve growth protein also control blood sugar
Published Nov 15, 2016
Finding could lead to treatments for type-2 diabetes, which affects nearly 1 in 10 Americans
Faculty honors
Geneticist wins Lasker Award
Published Sept 13, 2016
Gregg Semenza recognized with one of the most prestigious awards in science for his discovery of how cells sense oxygen
Stem cell research
Protein bolsters growth of damaged muscle tissue
Published July 19, 2016
Discovery could contribute to treatments for muscle degeneration caused by aging, diseases such as muscular dystrophy
Cell biology
Hopkins biologist elected to American Philosophical Society
Published June 30, 2016
Allan Spradling's work with fruit flies led to game-changing new concepts in use of stem cells
Cancer Research
Strength in numbers
Published Feb 2, 2016
Cancer cells tend to travel in clusters to form metastases, study finds / Hopkins Medicine