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Black history month

A Black History Month outing
Published Feb 27, 2017 Photos
Hundreds of Johns Hopkins employees and their families visit the Reginald F. Lewis Museum
Black History Month
Dedicated mentors
Published Feb 27, 2017
Janine and Robert Clayton remain close to Hopkins, helping to recruit and mentor black students
Black History Month
Lifelong boundary crosser
Published Feb 23, 2017
Claudia Thomas has broken barriers to become the first black female orthopedic surgeon in the U.S.
Black History Month
Innovative engineer, electrifying educator
Published Feb 21, 2017 Video
A lifetime of curiosity led Johns Hopkins engineer James West to secure more than 250 patents, accelerate communications revolution
Black History Month
BFSA to host student oratory competition
Published Feb 17, 2017
Participants asked to relate one of three quotes to their personal experiences, demonstrate its relevance to the future
Black History Month
Engineer for diversity
Published Feb 16, 2017
Gwendolyn Boyd spent 33 years at JHU's Applied Physics Laboratory before departing in 2014
Black History Month
Catalyst for campus change
Published Feb 13, 2017
Empowered by the Civil Rights Movement, Bruce Baker became a pioneer for JHU's Black Student Union
Black History Month
Invincible scholar
Published Feb 8, 2017
Johns Hopkins alum Miriam DeCosta-Willis became the first black faculty member at Memphis State University
Black History Month
A brilliant mind
Published Feb 6, 2017
Engineer Ralph Etienne-Cummings has built his reputation on his years-long quest to develop a spinal implant to help paralyzed people
Black History Month
Free admission to Reginald F. Lewis Museum
Published Feb 6, 2017
Johns Hopkins faculty, students, staff, and families can visit museum examining African-American history, heritage