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Bipolar disorder

Mental health
Mind's best friend
Published Jan 6, 2020
Having a dog in childhood may be associated with lower risk for developing schizophrenia later in life according to a new study from Johns Hopkins Medicine
Cellular biology
ALS-linked genetic mutation causes dysfunction in lipid metabolism
Published Nov 1, 2018
Study raises possibility that problems in cellular metabolism could contribute to illnesses such as ALS, bipolar disorder, and Alzheimer's disease
Mental Health
Genetically altered mice display traits of bipolar disorder
Published Sept 26, 2017
Study may improve understanding of how genes linked to bipolar risk change neural circuits in the brain / Hopkins Medicine
Mental health
Unraveling bipolar disorder, schizophrenia
Published Aug 31, 2016
Johns Hopkins to co-lead effort to develop new ways of studying, screening drugs for major psychiatric illnesses
Mental illness
Infections, antibiotic use linked to manic episodes
Published July 20, 2016
Research suggests changes in microbiome could play role in ebb, flow of psychiatric symptoms / Hopkins Medicine
On screen
'Fire' burns bright
Published Dec 16, 2015 Video
Film inspired by work of Johns Hopkins psychologist explores life with bipolar disorder