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Biomolecular engineering

Biomolecular engineering
Engineers create jet fuel from plants
Published Oct 4, 2023
Innovative method of creating jet fuel could deliver the same performance as petroleum-based jet fuel with a fraction of its carbon footprint
Biomolecular engineering
Could hydrogel make HIV therapy more convenient?
Published Sept 25, 2023
Injectable solution that self-assembles into a gel could help manage HIV unlike any currently available methods
Tiny tubes target hard-to-treat cancer
Published Sept 15, 2023
Technology developed by JHU engineers could eventually treat an aggressive type of breast cancer
Brain cancer
This gel stops brain tumors in mice. Could it offer hope for humans?
Published April 24, 2023
The gel can reach areas that surgery might miss and current drugs struggle to reach to kill lingering cancer cells and suppress tumor growth
Pipes two million times smaller than an ant
Published Sept 7, 2022
Working on microscopic pipes only a millionth as wide as a single strand of human hair, Johns Hopkins University researchers have engineered a way to ensure that these tiniest of pipes are safe from the tiniest of leaks
Engineers develop mini caps for mini brains
Published Aug 17, 2022
Engineering feat expands the research and testing available to scientists with brain organoids
A sensor for faster, more accurate COVID-19 tests
Published March 29, 2022
Hopkins researchers say the sensor combines accuracy levels approaching that of PCR testing with the speed of rapid antigen tests, could be used for mass testing at airports, schools, and hospitals
Cancer research
Protein appears to prevent tumor cells from spreading via blood vessels
Published July 14, 2021
Johns Hopkins researchers identify a key protein in the regulation of cancer metastasis
Chemical engineering
Discovery about emission control catalysts moves engineers closer to cleaner, more efficient fuels
Published Feb 18, 2021
Chemical and biomolecular engineer Chao Wang has discovered a new way of characterizing atomic structures in high-performance catalysts
A promising alternative to traditional heart surgeries
Published June 28, 2019
Researchers develop a lab-grown blood vessel graft from natural polymers with regenerative properties that can be prepped for implantation in a week