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Biomedical research

Watch this robot do 'the Worm' when temperature changes
Published Dec 14, 2022
A gelatinous robot that crawls, powered by nothing more than temperature change and clever design, brings 'a kind of intelligence' to the field of soft robotics
Under pressure
Published June 3, 2020
Inspired by colorful coral reefs, Hopkins researchers have created a self-adapting material that can change its stiffness in response to applied force
Hopkins researchers meet 'the urgency of this moment'
Published April 21, 2020
The university has launched an ambitious, wide-ranging, interdisciplinary research effort to tackle the many challenges presented by COVID-19
University outlines plan to support biomedical workforce
Published Sept 13, 2018
Report offers recommendations related to training and professional development, transparency, access to funding and resources
National report urges stronger support for biomedical workforce
Published April 12, 2018
Committee chaired by JHU's Daniels authors report addressing core challenges, recommending reforms
Lost opportunities for life sciences firms
Published Jan 19, 2018
JHU's Phillip Phan, Dean Wong advocate for open-innovation network in 'Nature Index' commentary
New philosophy for biomedical education
Published Jan 3, 2018
Current programs teach students to conduct deep research but leave them ill-prepared for job market, Bloomberg School researchers write
Hopkins aims to strengthen support for biomedical workforce
Published Dec 14, 2017
Faculty-led committee offers 24 recommendations in response to stresses on current system
The scientific process
Could you repeat that?
Published Nov 7, 2017
As retractions of published papers grow worldwide, a new effort at Johns Hopkins aims to improve standards and protocols to make science reproducible
Big potential of 'mini-brains'
Published Feb 12, 2016 Video
Human-derived structures could allow for better research, reduce animal testing / School of Public Health