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Twitter flu tracking goes local
Published March 18, 2014
Data accurately gauge's spread of flu in New York City in study
Wanted: Data analysts
Published Jan 23, 2014
Center for Advanced Governmental Studies launches new Master of Science degree, certificate program in government analytics
Google brain image search?
Published Jan 10, 2014 Video
Hopkins researchers build searchable database of children's brain scans so doctors can compare abnormalities, make better diagnoses
Partnership will combine big data, health expertise
Published Nov 5, 2013 Video
IDIES, a Homewood campus institute founded in 2008, will grow to become a universitywide initiative
'Virtual telescope'
Published Nov 1, 2013
JHU astronomer awarded $9.5M to enable better access, usability of scientific data
Fever forecast
Published Summer 2013
By accurately predicting outbreaks of mosquito-borne illnesses, a new model from APL gives officials a head start on prevention / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Forecast: fever
APL develops early warning system for disease outbreaks
Published March 21, 2013
Scientists use new model to successfully predict dengue fever outbreaks weeks in advance / Applied Physics Laboratory
DNA hard drive
Published Winter 2012
Big data, small storage—DNA just might be the storage drive of the future / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Four questions
Reference archivist James Stimpert
Published Nov 2012
What keeps him up at night? Making sure today's documentation can be accessed in the 23rd century, for one / Gazette