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Information Security
Hopkins expert to address potential threats to remote voting
Published July 17, 2020
Avi Rubin, of the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute, will provide security recommendations and feasibility analysis for lawmakers considering voting remotely due to COVID-19
Building a more secure smart home
Published June 12, 2020
Computer scientist Avi Rubin will work with a national team to develop more secure devices and recommendations for policymakers, companies, and consumers to better protect privacy
Intersession 2020
Poker class bet wins big
Published Jan 30, 2020
Nearly 250 students registered for the class, which had lectures focused on strategy, Machiavellian maneuvers, and how to calculate odds
KRACK in the code
Published Oct 17, 2017
JHU experts discuss the newly discovered software flaw that affects nearly every Wi-Fi enabled device
WannaCry ransomware: What to know
Published May 16, 2017
JHU computer scientists Matt Green, Avi Rubin discuss the cyberattack holding computers hostage around the world
Election 2016
Ballot double check
Published Nov 8, 2016
Computer scientist Avi Rubin calls plans to use independent firm to validate Maryland's election results 'terrific' / WBFF
Election 2016
How secure are our votes?
Published Aug 9, 2016
Computer security experts discuss vulnerability of voting machines, rolls in wake of recent DNC hack
Smart voting?
Digital age democracy
Published Jan 20, 2016
Security concerns remain major obstacle for online voting, JHU's Avi Rubin says / Scientific American
On the hill
Is your data secure?
Published Nov 19, 2013
Computer science professor Avi Rubin testifies before House subcommittee about security