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Protecting health, civil rights of those with autism
Published June 25, 2017
Trump administration policies—official and unofficial—threaten those with autism and other disabilities, public health experts say / New England Journal of Medicine
Overcoming language challenges
Published June 25, 2017
Study shows how some adults with autism compensate for childhood language difficulties associated with the disorder / School of Medicine
What we know—and don't know—about autism
Published June 25, 2017
The prevalence of autism is on the rise, but its causes are unknown—though there is no evidence to support a link between vaccines and autism
The science is clear: Vaccines are safe, effective
Published June 25, 2017
Public health expert Daniel Salmon discusses vaccine safety and the potential hazards posed by fewer children being vaccinated
Autism rates unchanged
Published June 25, 2017
Rates had risen since the 1960s, though researchers aren't sure why
Obesity and autism risk
Published June 25, 2017
School of Public Health study of more than 2,700 mother-child pairs offers new evidence that autism develops in utero / School of Public Health
Autism Awareness Day
Gilman Hall goes blue
Published June 25, 2017
More than 130,000 buildings worldwide part of 'Light it Up Blue' campaign
Autism and genetics
Published June 25, 2017
Researchers ID genetic variant linked to disorder by studying severely affected families / Hopkins Medicine
Mice whiskers yield clues to memory formation, Johns Hopkins researchers say
Published March-April 2015
Observation technique could yield clues on autism, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia / Gazette
Hidden signs of autism
Published June 25, 2017
Brains affected by autism share pattern of ramped-up immune responses, related inflammation, analysis shows / Hopkins Medicine