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CDC report: Autism rate rises among 8-year-olds
Published March 27, 2023
Data from 11 U.S. sites, including one at Hopkins, shows overall prevalence at 1 in 36 in 2020, up from 1 in 44 two years earlier
Environmental hazards
Published Winter 2021
Using brain organoids, researchers examine potential environmental link to autism / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Public health
Tylenol during pregnancy may increase autism, ADHD risks
Published Nov 5, 2019
In analysis of umbilical cord blood, researchers discover that elevated levels of acetaminophen is associated with up to three times the risk of autism, ADHD diagnosis
Tracking autism in teens
Published Summer 2019
The Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network will begin tracking the mental and physical health of teenagers with autism / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Peabody hosts sensory-friendly concert for autistic listeners
Published April 5, 2019
The interactive concert, held in partnership with advocacy organization the Musical Autist, is designed to appeal to people with neurological differences
U.S. autism rate rises, CDC report finds
Published May 1, 2018
Prevalence of autism spectrum disorder was 1 in 59 among 8-year-olds in 2014, including 1 in 38 among boys
State mandates lead to increases in autism care
Published Oct 10, 2017
Findings strengthen case for expanding coverage, Bloomberg School researcher says
Autism research
Tooth fairy in the lab
Published July 28, 2017
Scientists study unexpected source of information about in utero exposure to harmful materials: baby teeth
Protecting health, civil rights of those with autism
Published March 8, 2017
Trump administration policies—official and unofficial—threaten those with autism and other disabilities, public health experts say / New England Journal of Medicine
Overcoming language challenges
Published March 3, 2017
Study shows how some adults with autism compensate for childhood language difficulties associated with the disorder / School of Medicine