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How to watch the eclipse
Published March 21, 2018 Video
Eisenhower Library will host an eclipse viewing party on the Beach from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
A different lens
Published Summer 2017
Popscope's Audrey Buckland wants to bring Baltimore together with pop-up telescope nights / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Space oddities
Published Winter 2016
Data from New Horizons reveals Pluto and Charon are anything but dead balls of rock / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Planetary science
How the moon was made
Published March 21, 2018
Stratified layer in Earth's mantle points to 'giant impact' of infant planet, research suggests
Hot out there
Why fewer stars are born
Published March 21, 2018
Evidence suggests radiation, winds from quasars significantly slowed star formation
Wave Hunters
Wave hunters
Published Spring 2016
Johns Hopkins astrophysicists seek to find out what happened after the Big Bang / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Does Planet Nine exist?
Published March 21, 2018
JHU planetary scientist Hal Weaver discusses new evidence suggesting a giant Planet Nine lurks beyond Pluto
Star bright
Split supernova images
Published March 21, 2018
Research team lead by JHU astronomer uses Hubble to view light from distant exploding star
Got DIBs?
Published Spring 2015
Hopkins astronomers produced this map of diffuse interstellar bands / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Milky Way rays
Space molecule mystery
Published March 21, 2018
Analysis of light of hundreds of thousands of space objects yields clues about century-old celestial puzzle