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alzheimer's disease

Brain science
Serotonin: The key to unlocking Alzheimer's?
Published Aug 19, 2018
Brain scan study from School of Medicine adds to evidence that lower brain serotonin levels are linked to Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia / School of Medicine
'Memory protein' linked to cognitive decline
Published Aug 19, 2018
Low levels of NPTX2 appear to play key role in learning and memory loss that are hallmarks of Alzheimer's / Hopkins Medicine
Back to school
Back to school
Published Aug 19, 2018
Older adults embrace lifelong learning to keep the mind stimulated / The New York Times
Mice whiskers yield clues to memory formation, Johns Hopkins researchers say
Published March-April 2015
Observation technique could yield clues on autism, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia / Gazette
Study: High blood pressure in midlife increases risk of cognitive decline later
Published Aug 19, 2018
Study: High blood pressure in midlife increases risk of cognitive decline later / Hopkins Medicine
Dementia care
Calming influence
Published Winter 2013
A new program piloted by the School of Nursing uses indoor golf, barbershop quartet music, and more to reduce agitation in dementia patients. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Early dementia detection
Published Dec 2013
JHU researchers develop model that could help determine if memory loss in older adults is benign or a stop on the way to Alzheimer's disease / Gazette
Sleep study
Alzheimer's acceleration?
Published Aug 19, 2018
Link seen between sleep duration, quality and cognitive disease biomarker / School of Public Health
Warning signs
Early Alzheimer's detection
Published Aug 19, 2018
Biomarkers may predict cognitive impairment years before first symptoms / Hopkins Medicine
Lost at war
Memories, fading away
Published Aug 19, 2018
M.A. candidate writes about losing her father to Alzheimer's while she was deployed in Iraq / The New York Times