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alzheimer's disease

Brain science
Study: Atkins-style diet may improve cognition
Published July 9, 2019
Findings of small pilot study warrant further exploration of dietary impact on brain function, Hopkins researchers say
Drug combo preserves cognitive function in mice with Alzheimer's
Published May 16, 2019
Drugs combination reduces brain damage and inflammation, slows the pace of cognitive decline
Cellular biology
ALS-linked genetic mutation causes dysfunction in lipid metabolism
Published Nov 1, 2018
Study raises possibility that problems in cellular metabolism could contribute to illnesses such as ALS, bipolar disorder, and Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease
Deep brain stimulation not effective for treating early Alzheimer's
Published Oct 19, 2018
As the search for an effective Alzheimer's treatment continues, one strategy shown not to work for those under 65
Brain health
Illness and infection linked to dementia-related brain changes
Published Sept 27, 2018
Hospitalization, critical illness, and major infection may diminish brain structures that are most commonly affected by Alzheimer's disease
Research funding
Gallagher receives Goodes Prize for Alzheimer's research
Published Sept 17, 2018
The $150,000 prize recognizes Gallagher's lifetime of research into age-related cognitive decline
Daytime sleepiness linked to Alzheimer's
Published Sept 6, 2018
Adults who are excessively tired during the day are more likely to have brain deposits of the protein beta amyloid, a hallmark for Alzheimer's disease
Tau interferes with nuclear transport in Alzheimer's disease
Published Sept 5, 2018
Tau, a protein that builds up in the brains of people with Alzheimer's, disrupts the location and function of pores in a cell's nucleus
Kidney Disease
Dialysis and dementia
Published Aug 20, 2018
Study finds that end-stage kidney disease patients face higher risk of dementia, including Alzheimer's
pH imbalance may contribute to Alzheimer's
Published Aug 7, 2018
Study identifies potential drug targets to reverse problem that contributes to accumulation of amyloid plaques / Hopkins Medicine