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Adam sheingate

We must ensure a free, fair, peaceful election
Published Oct 27, 2020
Political scientist Adam Sheingate decries threat of organized violence at the polls: 'This election, we stand on the edge of a precipice'
How Trump won and what the 'experts' missed
Published Nov 9, 2016
Political scientist Adam Sheingate offers insight on Trump's stunning victory
Political science
Mr. Consultant goes to Washington
Published Fall 2016
Political candidates rely on consultants who sell media services, polling, and direct mail expertise. How did we get here? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Profitable politics
Published Jan 4, 2016
How political consultants cash in big time from the campaign finance system / The New York Times
Blind taste test
Published Feb 20, 2013
Lack of knowledge about food production most troubling aspect of Europe's horse meat scandal, Johns Hopkins expert says