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3-d printing

Treating COVID-19
Researchers develop a promising new ventilator
Published April 23, 2020
The pumpless alternative uses pressurized air lines already available in hospitals and can run for 24 hours on a single 12-volt battery
Printing in 4D
Published Summer 2019
Engineers develop origami-inspired implants that grow along with the patient over time / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Body double
Published Spring 2019
Medical illustrator combines MRI data and 3D angiography data to create an educational model of the spine / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Full metal bracket
Published Summer 2018
For decades, 3-D printing in metal has remained difficult and time-consuming. Hopkins alum Jonah Myerberg aims to change that. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
3-D printing, Ikea-style
Published Feb 10, 2016
Intersession course gives participants the chance to build 3-D printers from the ground up
A new hand for a teacher
Published Nov 21, 2014
Using a 3-D printer, Albert Chi created a prosthetic hand for a teacher after receiving heartfelt letters from her former students