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Why might the U.S. ban TikTok?
Published March 25, 2024
Hopkins cybersecurity expert Anton Dahbura explains the proposed regulation and the threats the app could pose to Americans
Expert Opinion
Is TikTok stealing more than just your time?
Published Dec 21, 2022
Cybersecurity expert Anton Dahbura discusses growing concerns with the popular app, citing potential data theft as a risk to U.S. security
Computer scientist identifies JavaScript vulnerability in thousands of websites
Published March 14, 2022
ProbeTheProto framework helps identify and alert websites vulnerable to a flaw that allows malicious actors to 'pollute' important web code
Now's the time to protect your computer networks from cyberattack
Published March 4, 2022
Anton Dahbura from the Information Security Institute suggests that individuals and enterprises should take steps now to secure cyber systems against attack from Russian agents
Russia-Ukraine conflict maxes out cyberattack risk assessment index
Published Feb 15, 2022
Cyber Attack Predictive Index predicts the potential for cyberattacks between nations; Tool finds "extremely high likelihood" of attack against Ukraine by Russia
Creating a culture of cybersecurity
Published Nov 18, 2021
In advance of his book Confronting Cyber Risk, engineer Gregory Falco discusses how and why organizations should incorporate cybersecurity into everyday business and planning
Student team works with NATO to define, track cognitive warfare attacks
Published Oct 6, 2021
A group of Clark Scholars is designing a Cognitive Warfare Dashboard to show what information is being spread, where it's coming from, and why
New website predicts likelihood of cyberattacks between nations
Published Oct 14, 2020
Heat index scores likelihood of international cyberattacks based on five key indicators
Securing smart homes
Published Fall 2020
As the market for internet-capable devices expands, a group of researchers is working to establish industry standards for securing these devices to protect consumer privacy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Information Security
Hopkins expert to address potential threats to remote voting
Published July 17, 2020
Avi Rubin, of the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute, will provide security recommendations and feasibility analysis for lawmakers considering voting remotely due to COVID-19