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Experts discuss range of cyber threats
Published Sept 20, 2017 Video
Equifax breach brings renewed attention to severe information security vulnerabilities
Global (in)security
Published Sept 20, 2017
Course on global security politics examines issues relating to weapons of mass destruction and oppression
WannaCry ransomware: What to know
Published Sept 20, 2017
JHU computer scientists Matt Green, Avi Rubin discuss the cyberattack holding computers hostage around the world
The internet of bad things
Published Spring 2017
Your gadgets might be helping hackers conduct cyber attacks—and there's not much that can be done about it / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Protecting vital computer networks
Published Sept 20, 2017
Johns Hopkins scientists lead effort to avert disruption during cyber attack
Data security
Hopkins team uncovers Apple encryption bug
Published Sept 20, 2017
Flaw would enable skilled hacker to decrypt photos, videos sent as secure iMessages / The Washington Post
Virtual visit
Snowden: 'It's about the world we want to live in'
Published Sept 20, 2017
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says he sees progress on privacy since his massive 2013 intelligence leak
Data privacy
Brute force unlocking of iPhone: It's complicated
Published Sept 20, 2017
Encryption expert says even if Apple ultimately cooperates with FBI, cracking passcode could take years
Smart voting?
Digital age democracy
Published Sept 20, 2017
Security concerns remain major obstacle for online voting, JHU's Avi Rubin says / Scientific American
JHU to host cybersecurity conference
Published Sept 20, 2017
Experts to discuss delicate balance between data sharing, privacy at Sept. 10 event