Media Contacts

University Institutional news
  • Dennis O’Shea
    Executive Director of Media Relations and Crisis Communications
    o: 443-997-9912
    c: 410-499-7460
  • Tracey Reeves
    Director of Media Relations
    o: 443-997-9903
    c: 443-986-4053
Krieger School of Arts & Sciences/Whiting School of Engineering
  • Jill Rosen
    Senior Media Relations Representative
    o: 443-997-9906
    c: 443-547-8805
    Social sciences, humanities and the arts; psychological and brain sciences; student and campus life
  • Phil Sneiderman
    Senior Media Relations Representative
    o: 443-997-9907
    c: 410-299-7462
    Engineering; computer science and cybersecurity; biotechnology/nanotechnology; applied math and statistics
Johns Hopkins Medicine (including the School of Medicine)
  • Kim Hoppe
    Director, Public Relations and Corporate Communications
    o: 410-502-9430
    Institutional news
  • Audrey Huang
    Director, Media Relations
    o: 410-614-5105
    c: 443-838-3378
    Research news

For general media inquiries on Johns Hopkins Medicine, email or page the on-call media representative at 410-955-6070

Carey Business School
  • Tim Parsons
    Director of Marketing and Communications
    o: 410-234-9291
    c: 443-721-7354
School of Education
School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
  • Stacy A. Anderson
    Communications Manager
    o: 202-663-5620
    c: 202-853-7983
  • Lindsey Waldrop
    Director of Marketing and Communications
    o: 202-650-6005
    c: 202-360-2824
Peabody Institute
School of Nursing
  • Tammy Berwanger
    Assistant Dean of Marketing and Communications
    o: 410-502-3172
    c: 410-591-0759
  • Danielle Kress
    Media Relations Coordinator
    o: 410-955-2840
    c: 410-322-8292
Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Robin Scullin
    Director of Media and Public Relations
    o: 410-955-7619
    c: 703-475-1882
Applied Physics Laboratory
Montgomery County campus
  • Ellen Poltilove
    Communications and Media Relations Manager
    o: 301-315-2896
    c: 202-309-4736
Athletics and Recreation
  • Ernie Larossa
    Associate Athletics Director/Director of Athletic Communications
    o: 410-516-0552
    c: 410-299-7437
Berman Institute of Bioethics
  • Taylor Graham
    Communications and Media Relations Officer
    o: 443-287-8560
Johns Hopkins University Press
  • Gene Taft
    Publicity Manager
    o: 410-516-4162
    c: 917-701-4072
Sheridan Libraries and University Museums
  • Heather Stalfort
    Director of Communications and Marketing
    o: 410-516-8329
    c: 443-794-9164
  • Amy Mulvihill
    Associate Director of Communications and Marketing
    o: 410-516-2882
    c: 860-671-0917