Letters to the editor

High Praise

"The Outspoken One," about former U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein [Fall], was the best article I've ever seen in Johns Hopkins Magazine. It ought be reprinted from time to time.

Peter I. Berman, A&S '67 (PhD) Norwalk, Connecticut

Thanks for Sharing

I really enjoy Johns Hopkins Magazine. I didn't graduate from Johns Hopkins, but my late husband, Richard E. Edwards, Engr '53, '56 (MSE), did. I have copied two articles in the fall issue: "Cab Fever," which I'm giving to my cleaning woman, whose husband is a truck driver, and "Saving Lives With a Smart Stethoscope," to give to my daughter, who is a nurse. Thanks for great articles.

Louise Edwards Fredericksburg, Virginia

Before Our Time

I much enjoyed reading about the Johns Hopkins Magazine and its origin [Editor's Note, Fall]. In 1942, Walter Lyon and I started publishing, by mimeograph, a predecessor to your publication. We were both sophomore civil engineering students. We were offended at being called illiterate by the Arts & Sciences people, and we decided to act. We named it The Gay Civil, never suspecting how the meaning of that adjective would change in the future. The magazine content included poems and cartoons, along with articles, all created by us.

Gil Levin, Engr '47, '48 (MSE), '63 (PhD) Chevy Chase, Maryland

Good, Clean Entertainment

Kimberlee Kemper's description of the Barnstormers' casting women from other local colleges [Dialogue, Fall] is correct. In one of my later plays as a Barnstormer, The Madman and the Nun, a Hopkins actor played the madman and a Goucher actor played the nun. It was a memorable production, especially closing night.

I also agree with James H. Qualls' complaints [Dialogue, Fall] about the Cabaret cover. Indeed, I hope the Barnstormers go back to noncontroversial plays, like Madman. Like many of you, I also wish that TV would go back to the good, clean, noncontroversial shows of my youth, like Ding Dong School, The Honeymooners, Leave It to Beaver, My Favorite Martian, Hogan's Heroes, and Batman. It may take a while.

Robert B. O'Rourke, A&S '80 Leavenworth, Kansas

From Twitter

Readers enjoyed "The Outspoken One," Greg Rienzi's Q&A with Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein:

Another looks forward to the healing potential of neuroaesthetics, as covered in "Aesthetically Speaking:"

And there's a consensus among readers of "Cab Fever" that truckers need better health care:

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